28. Feb, 2022

The weekend of 26-27th February 2022

Dear friends,
We wanted to give you an update of what’s happening here in Poland and close to our network since we initiated the efforts to support refugees reaching Poland from Ukraine.
We are truly overwhelmed with all the support you have given us. You all say from the bottom of your heart that you want to do more, but believe us, this is already plenty.
We have been spending the last 2 days to explore and identify places and areas where people are in need. There are volunteers and organizations that help in any way possible to ensure exchange of goods and finding shelters for families from Ukraine, so we are joining our forces with them cause it’s never enough.
We host a family of 7 members, we equipped the house with the necessary tools and ensure food for the coming days and other goods the family is in need for. We started just by buying stuff that people who crossed the border needed. We got exposed to lists of goods volunteers have been making at the border. It was heartbreaking to find out that there are pregnant women who went in labour at the border due to the overwhelming and stressful situation with newborns in hands without proper clothing. We rushed on Saturday evening and literarily emptied the shelves of the super markets to buy everything we could from the volunteers’ lists and get them to the border. Some pictures attached but there is no much time to collect more from our efforts; bear with us.
At the same time, we arrange cars and commuting to transfer families to places they could be accommodated. This is all private initiatives with cars’ owners who didn’t even want to hear about refunding for gas or anything else. People are helping in any way they can and we have been blessed to arrange 3 cars to transfer the families. We support in preparing houses and apartments to welcome more families from Ukraine so they have a place to stay and food.
Through our network and friends, we also found out the need for medication from hospital doctors working in Poland who are in touch with Ukrainian colleagues and we spent Sunday to buy out of the counter medication, we literarily emptied the pharmacies for necessary medication. Overall, we keep using every cent that is in the bank account, and we estimate that we have spent ~€1500 for medication and €3000 for equipment, necessary living goods and food, so far. More to do, so we keep trying.
This would be impossible without your help.
Thank you. Thank you for the time, money and love you are giving. We do our best and we thank you for being next to us and those reaching us from Ukraine.
Iza and Dickie